Creativity is:
A – Letting go. And letting in what comes back to you.
Creative weapon of choice:
A – Pencil, paper, and a late night at the diner.
Languages Spoken:
A – English
Biggest risk taken:
A – Wandering off into the great unknown
… could change the world:
A – We
Day job and dream job:
A – Day/night/every moment job: thinker.     Dream job: thinker.
Most inspired moment:
A – Wvery night right before I fall asleep.
Best thing I’ve ever heard:
A – The ocean soak in the moonlight.
Smartest thing I’ve ever said:
A – I hope it’s yet to come.
The best education is:
A – An open and eager mind.
I learned the most from:
A – Being wrong.
I am most creative when:
A – I’m solving someone else’s problem.
… kills creativity:
A – Fear.

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